Tuesday, March 18, 2008

on: Spirituality

I spent the weekend with my Dad playing golf and lapping up his wisdom. Golf, I came to see, after 54 holes in 2 days, is a lot like life. I present the parable of the "Second Shot."

1. And it came to pass that the master of the golf course spoke to his son on said tee box, "Hit it big my boy."
2. And it came to pass that he drove the ball many furlongs to the center of the short trimmed grass.
3. And their was much rejoicing.
4. Yea, the son rejoiced and taunted his father saying, "Beat that, thou who art old and gray of hair."
5. And many shots came to pass among the others. And it came time again for the son to strike the small white ball. And God smote his swing, that he stubbed the ball into the ground.
6. And the father rejoiced silently, saying in himself, "Thou shalt not taunt thy father."
7. Yea and the son was humbled by his old man, and carried within him the lesson.

So yeah, if you hit the ball a long way and celebrate (in such a way as to get penalized in pro-football) God will help you find a little humility on the second shot. It's pretty much the eleventh commandment, "Thou shalt not do the "Dirty Bird" after driving the ball more than 300 yds onto the fairway." I'm pretty sure he wrote after Moses left the mount. Too bad Moses didn't have a Blackberry. That sure would have made things easier.