Friday, March 27, 2009

Email and the Mac

This isn't a Mac vs. PC grudge match, so don't start one. I have moved from a creative to a sales role, and I brought my love of the Mac with me. There is only one thing that I find to be a challenge. It's Entourage.

It's Outlook for Mac, but different. It hasn't been as well developed as Outlook, and has some key flaws that drive me crazy (no auto recognized hyperlinks, no html formattable signatures, etc., etc.) But I digress. I loved my Outlook's "Unread Mail" folder. It simply showed a list of unread mail, without copying or moving those messages. Until this morning, I could not figure out a work around on Entourage. After digging through some forums, I pieced together a pretty decent solution.

File > New > Saved Search

Name the Search "Unread Mail"

Set up the following conditions:
1. All criteria are met
2. Status | Is | Unread
3. Folder | Is Not | Deleted Items (On My Computer)

Save. Scroll down to "Mail Views" in the left Blue column

Right Click on "Unread Mail" > Add to Favorites Bar.

You're all set. This will allow you to view and modify unread messages without affecting any of your other rules.

Enjoy. Please post any comments, or superior workarounds.