Monday, March 3, 2008

on: Design

I'm sick of designers. And art directors. And "creative types." I'm tired of everyone who perpetuates the stereotype that sytle is design and vice versa. It doesn't take tight jeans, old vans, chunky glasses, a canvas messenger bag and a piece of paper from an overpriced art school to be a designer. It doesn't take "vision," aesthetics, or even a comprehensive grasp of the ethereal gestalt. Design requires work. Design requires problems. The key to "designing" something is to create a solution that solves a problem. Design is the forethought before making, as Randall Smith of Modern8 is so fond of saying. Let's have a little more thought on solving problems, and a little less making a mark through transient, and superfluous, style.

For more on this rant, hear it from the horse's mouth

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